Lasting friendship lures a couple to Innisbrook

Housetrends – May/June 2010
By Christina Kleiner | Photos by Johan Roetz

When Howard and Linda Harris lived just outside London, England, they became fast friends with a couple living down the street. After three years, the Harrises moved back to the United States, living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan for a time, before settling in Tampa. Meanwhile, their neighbors from England had also moved stateside, now calling Innisbrook home. “Howard and I lived on the other side of the lake in Palm Harbor, but we were tired of moving around and thought it was time to build the house we wanted to live in for the rest of our lives, “Linda recalls.

The Harrises started looking at neighborhoods and builders as well as their friends’ house in Innisbrook. After seeing the house and community, Howard says they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. “We bought the lot next door to them, and used the same builder:. he says with a laugh. “It’s always nice to have neighbors you have a lot in common with.”

This is the first house Howard and Linda have built, but they’ve lived in enough homes to know what is important to them. The nearly 6,300-square-foot house boasts four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, two half baths, and a plethora of extras to suit both of their needs and desires. “Each of us wanted to incorporate spaces and details into the house that suit our tastes,” Linda explains. “Howard was very particular about the home theater and other rooms, while there were certain things that I wanted to include, such as the library.”

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