How Our Proven Process Inspires Client Confidence and Loyalty - Part 2

The solid foundations our company builds aren’t just the ones we construct in the ground.   

This blog post is the second in a two-part series describing the 5 Simple Steps, including real client testimonials about what it was like working with us through the process. This post  describes the final three of the 5 Simple Steps. For the reviews and testimonials, as well as descriptions, of the first two steps, please see the previous post: Part I. 

With any successful home build, everything begins with a solid foundation. 

The solid foundations our company builds aren’t just the ones we construct in the ground. We build strong foundations across the board: strong homes, strong teams, strong communities, strong bonds and a strong sense of trust with all of our clients. We approach each project with a dedication and honor to our craft along with an unwavering commitment to the core values that define and guide us.

Our dynamic, knowledgeable team of professionals is dedicated to fulfilling our pledge of a 5-Star experience every time.  

Fine homebuilding is our lifeblood: our dynamic, knowledgeable team of professionals is dedicated to fulfilling our pledge of a 5-Star experience every time. We invite you to hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us through every step of our process - from beginning to end - otherwise known as the 5 Simple Steps. Here we continue with Step 3.  

Step 3: Rendering to Scale

In this step, design selections, specifications, plans for permitting and bids are submitted for final pricing. 

The Rendering to Scale phase is when our dreams and ideas really began to take shape. Campagna Homes made sure that the plans and schedule were exactly aligned with what we had discussed in terms of vision, budget and timeline.  

Their design expertise and innovation astounded us every step of the way. We were also really appreciative of how well they communicated with us - always so responsive and making sure everything was clearly explained which helped us feel at ease and trust that Campagna Homes had our best interest at heart.

Deciding on all of the design elements, big and small, was a lot of fun! There were lots of decisions to be made and we relied on Campagna Homes's expertise to help us decide. They also acted as our advocate during this time, to make sure we were getting the best product on the market at a fair price. The whole experience was 5-Star from beginning to end, and we wouldn't change a thing about our dream home!

Step 4: The Big Event

Your Certified Luxury Builder construction team transforms your plans into reality in this step. 

We LOVE coming home to our beautiful Campagna Homes designed and built home! It was such a pleasure working with the entire Campagna Homes team. Everyone in the organization is incredibly professional and extremely responsive. 

Personal service and strong attention to the client and details are hallmarks of the Campagna Homes construction experience. They were with us every step of the way. 

It has been an absolute pleasure working with such devoted, conscientious, professionals with expertise in their specific fields. The whole team sets the tone for excellence and this level of dedication carries through the project. Our Project Supervisor was on site every day, making sure the subcontractors were starting and finishing on time and doing everything properly. We so appreciated their commitment to perfection. We could not be happier that we placed our trust in Campagna Homes. They went above and beyond and delivered on every promise made.

Step 5: Happily Ever After

At this point in the process, the project is completed by earning your 5-Star Review. Asset protection is offered through a carefree maintenance menu and warranty support. 

When we decided to purchase a plot of land and build our new family home, I "shopped" around and met with other builders, but decided to build my home with Campagna Homes based on the advice they provided and their well-known reputation in the area.

We received the very best attention from all of the employees at Campagna Homes throughout the entire project. They laid the "slab" and before we knew it, we had a new home!!! 

I should also mention that we only had time to visit the site on a couple of occasions so it was very reassuring knowing that we could trust Campagna Homes to provide proactive communication and timely service at every stage of the process. We love our home and would highly recommend Campagna Homes to anyone considering building or remodeling a home.

The quality of workmanship left nothing to be desired and still to this day they are in contact with us, ensuring that any minor issues are sorted out.

Client Testimonials

Hear What Our Clients Say About Building Their Tampa Bay Area Dream Home

In this document, we share with you our home builders reviews as our clients describe how we achieved their aspirations for their home build during each of the 5 Simple Steps. Their words throughout their new home testimonials, establish our credibility as a great builder, provide the proof for the hard-earned foundation of trust we’ve earned with our past and current clients, and describe the ability we have to continue to deliver on the expectations of future clients for years to come.

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